Rare Coin Collecting – The Thrill of the Chase!

For those who are beginners to the world of coin collecting, if you’ve already amassed a decent collection of coins, the first thing that would probably enter your mind would be, “are any of my coins rare or valuable?” This may be a tough question to answer, as an old coin may not always be a truly “rare” one. For example, you may have an old wheat penny in your repository, but what you don’t know is that there may be thousands of these wheat pennies that were circulated before. However, it would also be possible that a coin in your collection may be a truly rare one, although you’re not aware of it. Because of this possibility, it would be best if you delve some time learning about the tools required in identifying rare coins, as well as in embarking on rare coin collecting.

In the art of rare coin collecting, there are two major categories or classes for defining rare coins: Mintage Rarities and Grade Rarities. A Mintage rarity coin is a coin that is rare because it has a low mintage relative to market demand for the type. A Grade rarity coin on the other hand, is an otherwise common coin that is only rare because it falls in certain grades, like the current date U.S. Cents graded MS-70. In properly finding out if you got a rare coin in your collection, it would be best to check out ‘The Official Red Book’, which is considered the Bible for US coin collectors. This important book lists and indexes every kind of coin that was minted in the US, and also includes information on when each penny was made, how rare they are now, and what their current values are. Each coin in the book is represented in clear photographs, to properly inform collectors of their size and exact appearance. The Official Red Book comes out with a new and updated edition each year as well. A good source of education regarding rare coins would be the Internet. The Worldwide Web has a number of coin-identification Web sites, which may be very useful to novice coin collectors. Apart from consulting the Official Red Book and scanning the Internet, you could also bring your coin collection to a reputable dealer. These reputable and professional dealers ensure that they properly asses and identify your coin collections, and provide you with vital pointers for identifying rare coins.

Rare coin collecting can be a great adventure. You can search for rare coins that offer good value on the Web, or in coin auctions, or you may also drop by a flea market. Flea markets, according to numismatic experts, are places where people go to buy different sorts of items at truly affordable prices. For budding coin collectors, this market can be a rare coin “paradise”, since you may be able to spot rare coins that are sold at rock-bottom, or very reasonable prices. According to veteran rare coin collectors, the most valuable and truly celebrated rare pennies are those that have minting errors, and have values ranging from a few dollars, and are still in circulation today. In addition, there are a number of rare coin dealer Web sites that provide collectors with a listing of modern rare coins, and show their prices as well. The art of searching for rare coins is truly an exciting and interesting one, especially when it leads you to a rare “find”.

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Why Do Gold Eagle Coins Rate So High Among Bullion Coins?

The American Gold Eagle bullion coin is hands down the most popular bullion coin to own for investors and collectors alike. Gold Eagles are a class of their own not only due to the fact of being the official bullion coins of the US but for many other reasons beyond that. Impeccable design, enormous demand and liquidity and scratch resistant 22 karat composition, all of these factors contribute to Eagle’s high ratings among gold investors and collectors as well.

Even with international investors, one of the more popular types of gold coins is American Eagle coins. These are often rated highly both among appraisers and collectors alike. These particular coins allow investors to broaden their portfolio in both diversification and a guaranteed return due to the precious metal’s stable appeal. Every Gold Eagle coin price is assigned based on its weight and the spot price of gold on a given day plus dealer premium fees. Spot prices are noted in major media formats daily, weekly and monthly. The actual coin’s design is an exquisite one. The design was created by Augustus Saint Gaudens. It is an exuberant creation, which is often why it is rated so highly among gold dealers and numismatic assessors. The Gold Eagle coin was first minted in 1986 and the face denominations’ on the coins tend to be proportional to their overall weights. Each Eagle coin typically sells for much more than its face value. For example, a $5 Eagle may sell for almost $200 because of its priceless rarity and elegant specifications. Collectors find Gold Eagle coins to be the most fascinating among the bullion coins because they provide such a lucrative return.

When you are considering purchasing a Gold Eagle over another type of bullion coin, it is imperative that you research the coin itself. With so many counterfeiters and varying forms of fraud in the Gold Eagle coin and gold marketplace in general, reading up on the sellers is an important thing to look at when buying gold coins. Many gold retailer websites offer reviews on sellers and collectors who are looking to sell their Gold Eagle coins. It is also worthwhile to know how much you want to spend and what these bullion coins usually cost. Determining what kind of gold coin to buy, you should know and understand how the gold will affect your investing portfolio as well as how well it will be valued over time. Collectors want to acquire these bullion coins because they are already highly esteemed and their value continues to rise over time. Taking the bigger picture into consideration is usually one of the factors that collectors go by when purchasing Eagle coins over other bullion coins. Gold Eagle coins numismatic values are rated highly by such agencies as the American Numismatic Association. These coins predominantly are rated higher due to their United States government stamp of approval and backing, regardless of their denomination. The Gold Eagle coins are known as pure assets, because they offer built-in value to your gold coin collection.

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How to Purchase Gold Bullion Coins Today

For many investors today, owning stores of solid gold bullion is one of the best ways to secure your finances for the future. In today’s unpredictable economy where the currency has dealt a very weak and vulnerable hand, many investors are looking to invest in gold coins in order to gain stability, strength, and market independence from their currency held assets. There are many reasons that investors find to acquire gold coins, and gold’s stable legacy is definitely one of them.

Many investors and collectors purchase gold bullion coins to gain a more stable financial hold on their futures. In today’s day and age, many factors affect the value of currency, and therefore, affect the spending power of your hard earned salaries. Nobody wants to lose the value of their life’s earnings, and for this reason, many have sought out the market independence and resilience that gold has held over the course of centuries. In fact, gold has even been said to have maintained a stable and constant value over the course of two hundred or more years. The demand for gold plays an ever-present and visible role in global finances, and for this reason, many investors purchase the yellow metal coins and see gold as a more permanent fixture of value than currency simply because gold will always be worth more than printed paper and base metal coins.

Gold is also viewed as an excellent method to diversify your assets. As the saying goes, it is never a good idea to place all your eggs in one basket, so it is also unwise to place all your investment power in one asset. Gold, unlike any other investment on the market today, provides the uniqueness and value that many investments today simply cannot retain, which is yet another reason why many purchase gold coins. Some purchase the yellow bullion coins because of gold’s reputation as an excellent hedge against inflation, as gold has been viewed as a crisis hedge for many years. Stable and in demand during times of natural, political, and economic crisis, gold coins have become a popular commodity, and gold bullion bars, as well.

For those investors who are keen to purchase coins, there are many sources from where to purchase gold coins. Yellow metal bullion coins are minted through various international mints and refineries that have assembled comprehensive and easy to use websites where many investors and collectors of gold coins are free to purchase gold bullion coins and a large assortment of other gold products and precious metal coins. Though many who purchase gold bullion coins see this as the most secure and stable method of investing in gold, there are many other ways to go about making a purchase of gold and an investment in solid, fine gold.

Access to solid, pure gold is of interest to many investors today who wish to diversify their portfolios or are considering the future of their finances. Gold’s ability to preserve wealth is one of the reasons many investors choose to purchase gold bullion coins. For those investors who opt not to purchase gold bullion coins through a mint, the other method is to purchase gold bullion coins through a third party gold bullion dealer. There are many gold bullion dealers around the world, and many of them are large and frequented companies. There are many ways to purchase gold bullion coins in a secure way, and finding a reputable gold bullion dealer is one of them.

In order to find a reputable gold bullion dealer, there are several measures you must follow when on the market. Learning as much about a couple of gold bullion dealers of interest is a good place to start for those looking to purchase gold. Finding out how long they have been in business and reading any review that you may happen across by past investors is a good way to start evaluating each bullion dealer before you purchase gold coins.

There are many large gold bullion dealing companies who are interested in caring for their reputation, and in turn, they often facilitate simple and reliable transactions for those on the market to purchase gold coins. For others, it is always a good idea to review their specific policies regarding payment, shipping, and of course, returns and money back guaranties. For those on the market to purchase gold, it is prudent to be wary of any dealer who is unwilling to offer a decent return policy or who does not have a money back guarantee.

Lastly, for those on the market attain gold coins, it is a good idea to make sure there are several methods of contact between yourself and the gold dealer. A phone number or email address is not enough, it is often a good idea to ask for a phone number, email address, and a mailing address in order to make sure lines of communication are wide open incase a situation arises. Of course, if you are deciding to buy gold coins between a couple of dealers, but cannot make the decision, it is prudent and advised to gather several quotes from these dealers on the price of their gold bullion coins, bars, and other precious metal products of interest. This way, the ability to purchase gold is not only simpler, but it also ensures the best price possible for the yellow metal product you wish to purchase when on the market to purchase gold bullion coins.

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Coin Collecting- Is The Hobby Of Kings For You?

Coin collecting is one of those hobbies that for most collectors, started by accident. Usually the coin that sparked the interest was a coin found in circulation. It could have been a foreign coin, or one from the country it was found in, but something unusual about the coin drew the attention of the collector. From there the collector likely started collecting other coins in circulation and eventually went on to become a more serious coin collector.

Coins were collected even in ancient Rome, although it is not clear if this was coin collecting in the modern sense, or just coin hoarding. Petrarch was the first man known to collect coins in the ordered approach of a modern coin collector. Petrarch lived in the 1300s in Italy and given his fascination with classical culture and literature, his collection probably included ancient coins. Since then, a number of different approaches to coin collecting have developed around the world.

The coins that collectors acquire can range from ancient coins to coins from modern nations that no longer exist. Some collectors even specialize in collecting coins made with minor defects in them. Many collectors choose a specific year or a certain series of coin to collect. Comprehensive coin collections, where a collector has every type of coin issued in a country, are extremely rare. Some people however, manage to assemble comprehensive coin collections from one country or another.

Most collectors start out collecting coins belonging to the currency of the country they live in. Usually it’s something unique or eye catching to the budding collector that rouses their interest. From this start, they may go on to collect specific years or valuations of coins. Usually the initial interest provokes reading about coins and coin collecting and then they’re off.

The best way to start collecting coins is to buy a coin collecting reference book and to join a coin collecting club if possible. The coin collecting reference book will both help you to develop an understanding of the valuation of various coins and to allow you to develop an appreciation of the variety of coins collected. Being able to join a coin collecting club as well would be especially helpful. Your fellow club members are bound to be more widely experienced at coin collecting and buying than you are. Furthermore, they will know trustworthy coin dealers, they will also know about coin collecting shows and you might develop some good friendships along the way.

A useful strategy for building a coin collection is to find a coin dealer that you can trust and get advice from. This is where joining a coin collecting club would help, because other members would know such individuals. Although some people might think that a coin dealer could have a conflict of interest in giving advice, the experience that a coin dealer could offer in terms of the coin collecting world could be invaluable to you. Obviously you will have to decide on what kind of budget you will follow in building your coin collection. This in itself will give you some kind of structure in terms of how quickly your collection grows and what you buy.

An outstanding coin collection may take a lifetime to build. Like many hobbies, the real advantage of coin collecting is the fascination, interest and mental absorption that the activity can offer the coin collector. If you select your collection well, you may even make a profit on the side.

Michael Russell

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