Buying Bullion With Confidence – The Golden Rules

Probably the best thing about this market system is that it’s actually very easy to buy bullion and build up your supply, so long as you can afford it. This, of course, is a great idea, but you do need to be mindful of a few possible pitfalls. Here are some easy to follow rules that can guide you.

Golden Rule #1: Buy Most Bullion From the US Mint

While it is true that all forms of bullion are great investment options, it’s suggested that you focus on American coins from the US mint. This is especially true when you begin, and for the first while you should avoid privately minted or foreign mint bullion, as well as any bullion bars. There are several very good reasons to follow this rule.

First, the government guarantees bullion coins minted by the US mint. This guarantee covers the purity, quality, and weight of all American bullion coins. This means it is easier to buy bullion coins with confidence, and are actually getting exactly what you paid for. A good place to start is by including American Eagles in your collection.

Another very good reason to buy American coin bullion is it is easier to obtain, and you have a choice of who to get it from. This means it is also easier to trade and sell, as it is a lot more popular than other bullion or even bars.

Golden Rule #2: Do Not Invest in Old Circulated Coins.

It doesn’t really matter if you are considering plain silver coins or those double eagles coins struck early in the 20th century. The fact is, these coins are highly sought after by collectors, thus the competition is higher and so is the price.

On the flip side, the modern bullion rounds do not have value to collectors (yet). This means that their cost and value is solely based on their metal content and is not increased by their age. In the end, you simply get more for your dollar this way.

Golden Rule #3: Avoid Internet Auction Sites

Unfortunately, every new buyer will probably go through a phase in which they are a bit too trusting and too eager to invest as little as they can. When you start out it may seem that sites like eBay have many good deals on bullion. While some of these “deals” may be legit, it takes a real pro to sniff them out from the rest of the junk.

Unscrupulous sellers are likely to word a deal to make a piece of dross sound amazing. Also, there may simply be sellers on these sites who don’t know any more than you do and have no idea what they are really selling you.

For example, your Humble Writer almost fell for one such deal early on. The title stated that a one ounce silver bar was 100 mils 999 silver. It even stated this on the bar. Of course, this was priced well below market value and this writer was very excited!

The only problem was that the “100 mils 999 silver” turned out to be electroplating, and a mil is actually a measurement in thickness, not purity. In the end, the stated price was actually much higher than the market value of this bullion… since the market value was close to zero.

99% of the gold listings are even worse than the silver. They are either being sold by newbies who don’t know any better, or by sellers who just want to take the money and run while they can. This is why we recommend to only buy from reputable dealers both online and off.

And you can buy bullion with confidence – as long as you avoid the pitfalls and traps most new gold investors make. You can find out how by subscribing to our free newsletter, the Gold Minute, and you’ll receive my practical, real-world guide to investing in gold.

Jeff Grant is the creator of He is definitely NOT a traditional “gold bug,” is the opposite of a “gloom and doomer.” Instead he is a realist who believes there are times when protecting yourself financially and changing your investment strategy are vital — times like now.



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Pros Of Making Precious Metals Investment

Making investment in a particular industry or economic field requires that one makes informed decision based on facts. This is particularly important when looking to invest in a business that requires huge capital for instance expensive metals investment. Traditionally, expensive metals were used as a medium of exchange due to their rarity and value. However, valued metals such as gold and diamond have gained fresh popularity in the contemporary business world. This is as a result of problems associated with conventional currency.

Whereas conventional currency is prone to economic dynamics such as inflation and fluctuation in exchange rates, the value of valued metals remain relatively stable even during economic downtimes. Therefore, some businesses and individuals have adopted the strategy of protecting their business portfolio by storing their wealth in the form of precious metals. However, valued metals investment also has its critics. The article will look at the pros and cons of making metals venture.

As explained earlier, one of the primary reasons that people make precious metal investment is to protect their business portfolio. This is because metals remain relatively stable eve during economic downtimes such as during inflation or deflation. This is because the value of valued metals is determined not by the performance of the economy but intrinsically.

Furthermore, expensive metals are not liable to fluctuations experienced in the money market. Businesses engaged in international trade are aware of the potential risks associated with fluctuations in the money market. In order to avoid the losses experienced during such fluctuations, most businesses opt to make precious metal investment. In essence, precious metal investment is viewed as a safe haven of investing where risks are minimal.

Cons of making Precious Metals Investment

Some critics of expensive metals venture argue that businesses that invest in expensive metals are afraid of taking risks and often miss out in making huge profits associated with investing in other areas. Compared to other businesses, metals venture has little or no profit because of the apparent stability of precious metals. This implies that expensive metals can only be used for safe storage of business portfolio and not as an investment per se.

Other critics explain that is a situation where the economy has collapsed; even valued metals are bound to lose their utility because people will opt to barter in essential commodities such as food instead of dealing with expensive metals whose use is restricted to aesthetics. The bottom line is that it is important to make informed decisions when looking to invest in precious metals.

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Physical Precious Metals Investment – Investing Tips

The reason why businesses or individuals opt to invest in a given commodity or industry is because of the potential business gains associated with the commodity or industry. The valuable metals investment is a centuries old practice owing to the value associated with precious metals. Precious metals acquire value by virtue of the fact that some are very rare such as gold, and some are used in industrial processes.

There are various in which individuals and companies can invest in precious metals. Choosing the best method to use when seeking to invest in expensive metals is important. The choice in this case can be dictated by the expected returns, amount of capital one seeks to invest, and the risks associated with the various types of expensive metals savings.

One way of investing in expensive metals is by purchasing the costly metals physically and then storing them for resale at some future date. This type of expensive metals investment is based on the idea that in future the price of the precious metal will have risen. Success in this type of investment depends on the investor’s capacity to make accurate future predictions concerning the price of a given precious metal. This is because there is also the possibility of the prices going down instead of up. However, expensive metals are not perishable and can be stored for a long time without a change in their intrinsic value. The only challenge is the cost associated with storing these metals in bank vaults.

Buying Future Contracts Metals Investment

One can also purchase future contracts of valuable metals as a way of making valuable metals investment. This works with the same concept as investing in physical precious metals. The only difference is that in this case only contract are bought and not physical assets. This type of investment is a better alternative as compared to physical valuable metals venture. This is because it saves the investor the costs and risks associated with storing the physical asset.

Buying Shares in Companies Metals Investment

Precious metal investment can also be made by buying shares in companies that deal with exploration and extraction of precious metals. Most of these companies are often listed in the stock exchange where one can freely buy or sell shares of a given company. Although the returns are not as high as compare to the other forms of metals investments, this type of metals investment is perhaps the safest and the easiest to manage. This is because one does not have to deal personally with valuable metals and all the back office management is done by the particular company one has bought shares.

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