Buying Coins For Investment

Buying coins for investment purposes can be a thrilling venture to undertake, especially when you consider the many factors that go into the increasing value and worth of certain specimens. Some of these that bear mentioning are; mintage (how many, or few, were stuck in the mint), rarity (how few there are as a result of limited mintage, loss by shipwreck, destruction through government recall and melting down, etc.), lack of circulation (such as with “proofs”), and minting anomalies, such as “double-dieing”, inverse striking, and others. All these factors and more can add to the value and worth of coins, which in turn adds to the fun and fascination of buying coins for investment.

There are also other factors to consider when buying coins for the purposes of investment, whether you are investing in future returns as a means of acquiring wealth, or investing in history as a coin collecting hobbyist or enthusiast. One that comes immediately to mind is authenticity. When dealing with any coin dealer, be sure that they offer certificates of authenticity, and are regulated by such organizations like the American Numismatic Association and the Counsil for Tangible Assets, just to name a couple.

There’s much to know and learn when buying coins for investment purposes, and there’s wonderful experiences to be had in the industry of numismatics (coin collecting). The education alone that can be had is a wonderful and beneficial investment into yourself as well. When buying coins for investment in your future or in history, keep in mind these important factors of this enjoyable undertaking and you will be on the right track.

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Buying Coins From the US Mint

Buying coins from the US mint is a very advantageous means of acquiring coins, particularly if you are in the market for obtaining uncirculated proof coins. What makes uncirculated proofs do special is that they are coins created to be used as legal tender, like any others of its type, but they are also set aside as collector’s quality specimens that are unreleased to, and untouched by, the general public.

They have been kept from circulation among the public as money, and go straight from the mint and into the collections of investors and coin collecting enthusiasts. The quality of being uncirculated lends much more to the value of the coin, and so buying coins from the US mint as uncirculated proof coins can raise the value of your coin collecting acquisitions. This is somewhat the same as when a collector of vintage toys obtains something registered as “N.R.F.B.” (“Never Removed From Box”), which is often described as being in “mint condition”.

Buying coins from the US mint is also good business sense, because your acquisitions come with regulated certificates of authenticity, depending on what each piece requires. This is quite pertinent to your collecting activities whether you indulge in numismatics (the collecting of coins) as an investor with an eye toward future returns, or as a hobbyist with a keen interest in obtaining pieces of history.

All mints, whether professional or federal, needs to be regulated by certain authorities like the American Numismatic Association or the Counsil for Tangible Assets to name a couple, who regulate the processes of certifying genuineness and certificates of authenticity. These organizations and others like them have been established to regulate certifiable genuineness in the coin collecting industry, and are there to protect all investors dealing in coins. This is another beneficial reason for buying coins from the US mint.

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How to Safely Buy Coins Online

When you buy coins online you open yourself to both dangers and opportunities. Certainly there are numerous ways that you could benefit, this article will point out some of them.

You really have to consider it from the main view point that you have. The internet is vast, and therefore it presents opportunities for collectors of all types to be able to find what they are looking for in a relatively small amount of time.

One of the first ways that you can benefit would be through the diversity of what you are looking for. Generally speaking, collectors aren’t necessarily picky about the products that they choose so long as they fit the guidelines. The internet is a vast open sale market for the various pieces to your collection that you have yet to obtain.

Consider also that with these numerous stores and sites that are vying for your business, that you might get a better deal and price on these coins than you might elsewhere. But don’t let greed get the better of you. It is always better to pay a premium for real value then to get a swinging deal on garbage.

One thing that you should keep an eye out for are unsecured or sites that do not appear to be legitimate. If they don’t look like they sell coins all the time, than they very well might not. That is the only real danger to buy coins online, the small percent of sites that may be scams.

However, the pros will typically outweigh the cons when you are comparing them. You can certainly benefit you to buy coins online if you are buying in today’s market. Consider the amount of product and the diversity of the product that you can find at your fingertips versus the alternative.

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The Easy Way to Buying Coins Successfully

You can make the hobby of coin collecting far more entertaining if it turns out to be profitable too. Another sure way to this end is to make it easy and profitable. There is a good deal to choose from, but a lot you should know about buying coin pieces before you actually do.

One of the first things that you should do is to narrow your collection into sections or one specific thing you are collecting. To generally collect coins, might be a little more tricky then just collecting gold or silver coins. Buying coins in general can require a little more knowledge and attention.

What this means is if you are looking to buy coins based on their years and use and so on, be aware of what these coins looked like. More importantly, know the value of these coins. If you think you are getting the deal of a lifetime, be careful.

Coin collecting can be fun and worry free if you know who you are buying from. I would never recommend buying from random locations, as there are plenty of legitimate and reputable businesses that have done all the hard leg work for you and gotten the coins in one place for you.

While there might be several different scam sites concerning hobbies of all kinds, there are more real and very impressive sites and locations that you can view. So whether you are buying online or out at trade shows, be aware of what you are buying and who you are buying it from.

I can only hope that if you are buying coin pieces in the future that this article has helped to prepare you in some way for this. While it might be very thrilling and exciting being able to add to the collection, be cautious, as these coins are often very expensive.

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