How To Find Prices Of Silver Well Below Spot

Prices of silver have been hovering around 1/50th of the price of gold during the late 1990’s as gold became a choice investment. However, in this day and age the current prices of silver have thinned to around 1/70th the price of gold. Gold is becoming a “rich man’s” investment due to the strongly surging price per ounce and the Afghanistan/Iraq war, giving way for gold as the safe haven of choice.

However, this means that silver is substantially undervalued when compared with gold. And the consumption of silver in the industrial age is now climbing with demand from electronics manufacturers, and demand for electronic goods on the increase with our technological sophistication. So then, I explain to you exactly WHY silver is becoming a more attractive investment alternative today, and why you should seriously look for prices of silver below spot. So how would you find silver below spot price anyway?

One way to find prices of silver below spot is to search on auction sites like eBay for silver coins, ingots or bullion. eBay lists many coin collectors and sellers who have silver for sale, usually less than the spot price, due to their second hand nature. But I would challenge you to find silver ANYWHERE which is potentially 60% or greater BELOW spot price than where I buy it. So what’s the answer to finding prices of silver well below spot, you ask?

There exists a very unique opportunity to become part of an affiliate system which allows you to buy silver eagle coins at market value and have just a couple of referrals in your team to significantly REDUCE your silver buying price. This is because you’re able to take advantage of a leveraged buying situation. With this opportunity you may refer as little as 1 single person to your business and then earn around 50% OFF your price of silver for buying a particular item. Now this creates the path for you to earn for FREE an unlimited amount of silver based on the sales of your first level affiliates.

I’m extremely excited and I know that the opportunities are vast for the potential to expand your wealth generation considerably utilising a very simple, duplicatable system which will work effectively in your long term investment strategy for your future.

The prices of silver in today’s terms indeed highlite silver as the investment of choice for the average Joe because accessibility to silver is much closer within reach, per ounce, than gold. Cutting out a few cappacinos each month literally puts you in the silver market front door. And I feel there’s simply no other way to begin securing your long term future than buying a commodity already undervalued, well below spot price!

Julian is an enthusiast in buying silver coins within an effective affiliate business model. The silver market is one that’s currently very undervalued compared with the gold market. Learn how to find prices of silver below spot each month, and earn a large income by doing it. Get a FREE e-book “How To Buy Silver Below Spot Price” PLUS a tailor made course to help you get started immediately. Visit the link below:

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